Hillary Barry blocks anti-vaxxers, white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Seven Sharp presenter Hillary Barry said she blocks people with opposing views to her on social media.

On Sunday Barry replied to a comment posted to her Facebook page that read “Hillary (sic) do you seriously block those with opposing views on your posts?”

“I block neo-Nazis, white supremacists, racists, misogynists, anti-vaxxers, abusers, bigots and liars,” Barry replied.

“So to answer your question Debbie, yes I do block people with opposing views to mine.”

The presenter has been in a social media battle with anti-vaxxers this week after a Seven Sharp viewer took issue with a story in which Barry showed support for vaccination.

Barry called the anti-vax movement “feral” and compared its supporters to “a street gang.”

She has since received support from others who agree with her views.

“You’re an inspiration and a role model,” one Facebook follower wrote. “Keeping up the good work in the face of opposition is dangerous.”

“I love that your views on this issue are being proven right,” wrote another.

Not all of Barry’s followers approved, however.

“So as a journalist and TV personality who has the ability to influence readers, listeners and watchers, how do you report in an unbiased and dare I say un prejudiced fashion given your stand on all of these,” read one comment.

Another follower asked: “I’m an anti-vaxxer would you block me for having a different opinion too (sic)”

“If you tried to hijack my Facebook page to post anti-vax propaganda then yes,” Barry responded.