It’s Time for Some Stress Relief

World Mental Health Day is this Sunday and what an important day it is.

After the past 18 months or so, I don’t think I need to tell you why it is important, you would already know. I mean, we are living in a global pandemic. Our mental health has been impacted in more ways than one.

With self-care in all its forms high on our priority list, the team at Scent Australia Home have created an essential blend to help you on your way.

The ‘Stress Relief’ scent has been specially formulated to relieve symptoms of stress, with the inspiration being “For the days that one yearns for a touch of tranquillity against the madness”.

Available in a Diffuser Oil, Room Spray and Reed Diffuser, or try it out for yourself first with a spray sample.

We all deserve some tranquillity amongst the madness we are currently living in. So, let’s add this to your self-care list today.