Karangahape Cool!

In a survey of more than 20,000 people, Time Out magazine has made official what many of us have known for decades – that Auckland’s Karangahape Road is one of the coolest streets in the world!

K Road, as it’s more affectionally known, finished sixth in Time Out’s poll.

The judges praised the city’s “bohemian heart” as one full of “diverse and expressive community of artists, musicians, and creatives”.

“Its red-light history, coupled with the more recent additions of art galleries and hip cafés in its heritage buildings, gives it plenty of character: every door leads to something very different.”

Restaurants Cotto and Coco’s Cantina were highlighted, as well as retro boutiques Crushes and Smoove. Music venues The Wine Cellar, Whammy Bar, and Neck of the Woods also got a mention.

Time Out’s top 10 coolest streets in the world

  1. Rue Wellington, Montreal, Canada
  2. Gertrude Street, Melbourne, Australia
  3. Great Western Road, Glasgow, Scotland
  4. Yongkang Street, Taipei, Taiwan
  5. Værnedamsvej, Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Karangahape Road, Auckland
  7. Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong
  8. Yaowarat Road, Bangkok, Thailand
  9. Oranienstrasse, Berlin, Germany
  10. Hayes Street, San Francisco, US