Kingsize Studios Introduces Yoga with Jessemey

Kingsize Studios has been an active part of the local arts community for many years. The giant photography studio that seems to have something for everyone and now yoga. “Offering the community programmes such as morning Yoga feels like a natural extension.” says owner, Adam Custins.
The popular site is well known for it’s shooting space for advertising, fashion, moving image and so on. In late 2014, a small outdoor public library was built that works on a ‘Take one, leave one’ basis opposite Kingsize. There is also talk about starting a small community garden on the street too. “But it is also a meeting place for creatives of all kinds. We’ve always wanted to offer yoga here, so when we met Jessemey [the yoga instructor] our plans all came together.” said Custins.
Jessemey has worked as a model, actor and dancer throughout her career and she has been a friend of Kingsize for a long time. Currently the classes are only on Monday and Wednesday morning from 6:30am-7.30am, but as more people come along they will ‘respond to demand accordingly’.
As 2015 rolled around, it is their 3rd year offering a formal education programme of night classes and weekend workshops.
“Our aim for this year is to consolidate these and welcome as many new people to the studios as possible.” Custins goes on to talk about the desire of variety and building on a strong local community.