Major beauty brand lowers pricing

Neon lights shaped like MAC lipstick bullets

Hear ye, hear ye! Cult-favourite M.A.C products are now available at a reduced price! Yes, you’ve read that right. The makeup giant made the announcement today to the delight of beauty lovers and shopaholics everywhere.

Among the products are the signature M.A.C. lipsticks which are now available for $35 (previously $40), M.A.C. single eyeshadows now priced at $33 (previously $38), and finally ALL M.A.C. mascaras are now only $44 (previously $44-$48).

The brand shared that although pricing has fluctuated over the years due to factors like foreign exchange rates, manufacturing costs, shipping, import duties, local G.S.T. costs and registration fees, the brand is committed to delivering the most competitive prices to its fans.

“Your ‘love mark’ products – that M.A.C. lipstick that is your signature tone, your everyday mascara or your favourite daily eyeshadow – are now heroes that you can purchase at locally competitive pricing,” said Kiekie Stanners, senior artist at M.A.C. New Zealand. “Maintain your relationship with our cult must-have products and don’t feel guilty about restocking your everyday beauty bag – and use your savings to fund your coffee habit!”.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life or even a gift for yourself, make a beeline to the nearest M.A.C. counter. We know we will!