Trendy Accessories For Babies

Australian mothers, Alex Skurrie and Kara Toovey created Mister Fly in 2015. They have been so successful with their stylish, practical range of accessories that they’ve since expanded the owners’ circle to include CFO Marcus Toovey.

Despite growing so rapidly, the quality and workmanship remain at a high standard. “We get feedback daily about the quality and how happy our customers are with the product,” they said. “We only ever produce items that we are 100 percent happy with, and that we would personally display in our homes.”

A simple, gender-neutral palette is used by the designers, which includes modern prints that make the products functional yet exciting. The team described their design aesthetic as “grey,” with the use of minimal colours and playful animal prints. At the moment, the team’s favourite design is the tiger, a simple design in greys that is playful but muted.

The team has grown from two mums with a dream to a board of three, a team of designers, and a warehouse manager. “Everyone is so passionate about the brand,” said the team. “We all have the same vision.” This shared vision is likely the reason Mister Fly is now is stocked in over 300 stores in 18 different countries