New Caudalie Range Partnered With Harvard University

In a revolutionary discovery, French skincare brand Caudalie has found an enzyme, named TET (Ten-Eleven Translocation) that enables skin ageing to be reversed!

The discovery was made after 10 years of research in partnership with Dr. David Sinclair, a professor of genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Centre for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School. The partnership with Caudalie’s Natural Formulation Laboratory also found a unique pharmaceutical active ingredient, Honokiol, an extract from the Magnolia flower, which further boosts the efficacy of the TET8 Enzyme.

Caudalie harnesses the power of the grape through natural, environmentally-friendly ingredients derived from the vineyards of Bordeaux, Champagne and Burgundy. The two new discoveries combined with Resveratrol (found in red wine) enables the skincare brand’s new Premier Cru range to correct 8 signs associated with ageing, including: 

  1. Deep wrinkles: 73% reduced
  2. Fine lines: 97% reduced
  3. Firmness: 83% repaired
  4. Volume: 89% renewed
  5. Elasticity: 97% improved
  6. Dark spots: reduced
  7. Hydration : 100% improved
  8. Radiance: 75% improved

Best of all, there is zero compromise when it comes to natural ingredients with Caudalie selecting only the most natural actives to combine with the TET8 technology:

  • Dark spot-correcting Viniferine;
  • Grape seed Polyphenols, which prevent wrinkles and block free radicals;
  • Natural origin Hyaluronic Acid, that plumps up the skin;
  • Tightening Sugars, which reduce wrinkles’ depth, length and surface.

The Premier Cru collection contains the following products:

The Cream ( 50mL $160 AUD/$172 NZD)

  •       Concentration of technology and effectiveness to correct 8 signs of ageing
  •       97percent noticed their skin elasticity had improved
  •       97percent natural origin ingredients
  •       Refillable ($130 AUD/$139 NZD)

The Eye Cream ( 15mL $99 AUD/$106 NZD)

  •       Firming sugars reduce puffiness
  •       10percent pearlisers blur and make the skin brighter
  •       Massaging nozzle relieves congestion, smooths and reduces puffiness
  •       Crow’s feet reduced by 25.6percent
  •       97percent natural origin ingredients

The Serum ( 15mL $175 AUD/$188 NZD)

  •       3.5x more concentrated in Hyaluronic Acid than the cream
  •       Enriched with Niacinamide and firming sugars, helping reduce wrinkles’ depth, length and surface
  •       Tightens after three minutes and up to six hours
  •       98%percent natural origin ingredients

The Caudalie Premier Cru range is available exclusively at Sephora Australia and New Zealand