PROS & CONS of Fast & Furious 7

I was pretty excited to see Furious 7, but like the Harry Potter series, I forgot a lot of what happened in the middle. So that has it’s pros and cons, but here are the top 5 pros and cons of Fast & Furious 7.

1. The CGI of Paul Walker’s face was amazing! I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t him until the end and I was reminded of his untimely death. Including grabbing dialogue from his other movies.
2. The classic over the top fast and furious ridiculous car stunt. You know, the one where they casually drove through two hotels.
3. The cars falling out of the sky. Duh.
4. That huge dorky grin slapped across my face throughout the entire movie.
5. The tasteful ending noting Paul Walker’s untimely death.

1. Australian writer/director James Wan. Known for his franchises like Saw and Insidious. His “claustrophobic” and crazy camera tricks that may work extremely well with his horror movies, but not so well with quick fight scenes and car chases. #Dizzy
2. Not enough Paul Walker. Ultimately he seemed replaceable because he role in this film was so minor.
3. When Vin Diesel and Jason Statham drove their cars into each other. What was that meant to prove?
4. The second time they did it. Okay well that was better, but still… WTF?
5. Fight scenes didn’t have enough punch (pun intended). I felt like they totally missed an opportunity not using UFC star Ronda Rousey aka ‘Rowdy’ OR Tony Jaa (martial artist) to their full potential.