REVIEW | Halloween Ends

I genuinely am a horror movie fan. From cult classics like The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, and Scream to low-budget movies like this year’s psychological slasher film X. I’ve been looking forward to Halloween Ends all year to only be sorely disappointed.

Micheal Myers has always been depicted as human. He hasn’t risen from the dead with a lightning strike like Jason, and he doesn’t jump through people’s dreams like Freddy, but he always survives even after being burnt alive, shot, and stabbed in the throat with a knitting needle, just to name a few. Is he immortal? Has Halloween finally reached its end? This is the question most of us have been asking for the past 12 movies.

This is the 13th movie in the Halloween franchise, 3rd in the recent reboot, and is set 4 years after Halloween Kills.

It has everyone’s favourite theme music and the strong-willed survivor, Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis for the last 45 years. Laurie has moved in with her granddaughter and is trying to be an average everyday person again. The storyline felt old and tired, just as Jamie lee looked. The movie was overall predictable and uneventful. The only fright moment happened in the first scene, and it wasn’t even Mike Myers!

The film was hugely drawn out with the unnecessary character-building of Corey Cunningham (although played very well by Rohan Campbell). The romantic sub-plot with Laurie’s granddaughter made the colt classic Horror/Thriller feel more like a daytime- made for tv, dark romance.

With what felt like only a cameo appearance from the man wearing a William Shatner mask, I ask:

Is this an authentic instalment in the Halloween movie franchise, or perhaps a copycat in a far-from-impressive costume?

If you’re looking for that classic slasher movie with blood, gore, and loads of senseless murder, sadly, this is not the movie for you.