Review | M3gan

For those interested in horror films but are too nervous about taking the risk, ‘M3gan’ will be great for you. We were surprised by how the comedy outweighed the horror in this horror/sci-fi. With little to no jump scares, it’s safe to say that we were happily entertained without racing heart rates.

Without giving spoilers, ‘M3gan’ touches on so many emotional aspects concerning loss, trauma, attachment, and recovery. The story begins with Cady, played by Violet McGraw, losing both parents in a car accident, making her Aunt Gemma, played by Allison Williams, her legal guardian when her job is on the wayside. Director, Gerald Johnstone, sets the foundation for a lot of growth with the two characters, which was greatly complimented by Ronny Chieng’s character, David, being the crazed, comedic boss. 

And, of course, when M3gan is made, everything slowly starts to crumble…

Sure, she has a creepy set of life-like eyes and just casually sits watching Cady sleep by her window, but M3gan isn’t like the Annabelle doll James Wan gave us before. Forget disturbing hauntings, and think robot gone rogue.

With jaw-dropping and flinching moments, we liked the cheeky humour in between the darkness. Plus, seeing a movie filmed in New Zealand was fun – picking out the places we recognised was only a minor distraction.

Overall, M3gan was a platter of genres where classic one-liners eased the tension, and deadly moments were balanced out by piano playing. With a killer doll on the loose, what more could you expect, right? We were subtly disappointed with the lack of “scariness” in this movie and would have liked to have been covering our eyes and jumping in our seats a little more, but M3gan still delivered a great storyline with great acting.

We loved Gerald Johnstone’s flare in this James Wan production and highly recommend film junkies to give it a go – even if horror isn’t your typical go-to.