Sustainable, Stylish Eyewear to Boost Your Confidence

There’s nothing like a new pair of glasses after a long lockdown at home! Even working from home can be stylish with a new pair of frames front and centre. Or if you are like me and love to have a range of style of eyewear to choose from each day, these are perfect for you!

Exclusive to Specsavers, their latest eyewear range is the most sustainable yet. Introducing ReWear, a collection of 24 glasses and six sunglasses. All of which are inspired by nature in both style and substance. Each frame is manufactured using five recycled plastic water bottles, creating high quality, durable and desirable glasses that will make a statement wherever you go.

FENNEC spoke to Yvy Nguyen, Frame Portfolio Manager at Specsavers, about the new ReWear collection. Nguyen works within the product team, developing new products and ranges. She also forecasts upcoming trends and makes sure they have the right products for New Zealand consumers.

Yvy Nguyen

“ReWear has been in the making for the last few years. At Specsavers, we’ve been working behind the scenes on how we can take our first steps on our sustainable eyewear journey,” explained Nguyen. “We wanted to create a range that signifies the start of this journey and utilises recycled and bio-based materials and that’s where ReWear was born. Our customers are focused, now more than ever, on making choices that lessen their impact on the environment. The ReWear range offers a step in the right direction for customers wanting to make a more positive change without compromising on style or quality.”

River Frame by Specsavers

River Frame by Specsavers

A predicted customer favourite by Nguyen are the River frames, the crystal acetates have been extremely popular throughout the fashion industry. “This pale yellow acetate is definitely a winner, especially paired with an edgy yet wearable round lens,” she said. “The range features a mix of classic frame shapes as well as trendier minimalist designs complimented by playful colours and translucent acetates, making the range wearable for everyone.”

ReWear comes in a range of colours inspired by the natural world around us, from soft blossom, rain and slate to richer tones of dark plumb and soft berry. Frame names such as Lavender, Elm, River, Rain and Sandalwood evoke the colours and textures of nature, which in turn is brought to life in the specs themselves.