The Superfreaks Get Super Freaky

Landscape image of five sequin clad musicians all wearing ray ban sunglasses, standing behind a wooden bar

The Superfreaks are having an intergalactic party, and you’re all invited!

Formed in 2019, the band originally played gigs in their backyards and demolition-listed houses they rented on three month contracts. The Superfreaks have come a long way since but the core of their show remains the same, sequin-clad figures grace the stage, cans in hand, delighting crowds with a unique showcase of music, moves and all round good vibes.

When Covid-19 put a halt to their live shows, Frontman Zach and brother Finn continued writing music and making plans for when the band could unite. In 2022, that’s exactly what they did, blasting back into the music world with a sold-out show at Galatos. Hidden down a dark side-road, the venue set the scene for the band’s unique performance. Not aiming for perfection, but rather a connection, the band pulled out all stops and even included coordinated dance moves.

Zach speaks on the rationale behind the band’s show, talking about “an energy flow from the audience to us and back. We aren’t looking for perfection; we aren’t looking for fame; we’re literally just trying to immerse ourselves and our audience in what we all love – the music, the sets, the lights, literally all of it. It’s one huge passion project.”

Since its inception, according to guitarist Iain, the band has been searching for ways to create a space for true wildness. “It’s not about people turning up and getting what they expected. It’s about the ability to turn up alone, or with your mates, or stumble through the door unexpectedly. We’ve tried to create an experience that all of those people can enjoy and connect with. It’s a DnB mosh-hype you can sing along to and a house party that everyone is invited to.”

You can catch The Superfreaks at The Tuning Fork on May 12 when they bring their show The Intergalactic Disco to life.