UNO gets a Braille-iant makeover

Uno Braille card with two fingers

In partnership with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), toy manufacturer Mattel releases a Braille version of the beloved card game UNO.

The launch is a huge step forward for inclusivity as both slighted and visually impaired users now finally have access to the iconic game. The UNO Braille packaging features Braille on the front and back for clear identification and directs players to for play instructions where .BRF (Braille Readable Files) are available for download. There is also an option for voice-enabled game instructions through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. According to the Press Release, each playing card has Braille on the corners to indicate the card’s colour, number and action.

Mattel has been known to break new ground in inclusivity. In 2017, the company released the UNO ColorADD, a card game optimized for people with colour blindness and as of recent the toymaker has also released a line of gender-neutral dolls.