What does ad astra even mean?

The highly anticipated space film, Ad Astra did not meet my expectations, in fact, it was excruciatingly boring it portrayed an unrealistic story of what it would be like to explore space. With minimal dialogue and a narrative focused on emotional daddy issues, that didn’t really see a resolution. Ad Astra left me confused, unsatisfied and feeling like I had just wasted two hours of my day that I can never get back.

The inaccuracies of astronomy and gravity are enough to leave you frustrated. Although there should be room for artistic creation, the violations of the laws of physics cannot be left unnoticed. Like, does it only take seventy-nine days to get to Mars? How is it possible for Brad Pitt to float around the spaceship with perfectly combed hair? Last time I checked gravity doesn’t work this way.

Aiming for the stars, but unfortunately falling short, Ad Astra is not something I would recommend, nor would I watch again.