10 Eco-Friendly Uses for Coffee

Cup of latte

Coffee is, in my opinion, one of humanity’s greatest discoveries. It smells beautiful and makes you feel semi-human in the morning. According to Brew Smartly it has amazing properties that make it an eco-friendly tool for a range of other tasks.

1. Spice up your food

Add ground coffee beans to your dry rub for a smokier flavour to your meat.

2. Baking

Find your inner Gordon Ramsay and give your desserts a tantalizing kick by adding some coffee.

3. Unclog your drains

Pour half a cuppa coffee with some dishwasher salt down your drain. Then pour a full kettle of boiling water and voilà! A much cheaper alternative to expenny drain cleaners with the same results.

4. Clean your hands

Do you have stinky hands? Fear no more for wet coffee grounds are here to help effectively remove odours. Just rub on your hands and rinse.

5. Repel insects

Coffee’s properties make it a great natural insect repellent. Simply sprinkle some into the cracks in walls or anywhere you don’t want insects. You can even rub it on yourself to prevent insect bites.

6. Exfoliate your skin

Coffee grounds are a natural exfoliant due to their texture. All you need to do is gently massage ground coffee into your skin, rinse, and feel the suppleness of your skin.

7. Enrich your compost bin

Coffee is rich in nitrogen and perfect for compost. Try mixing one part coffee, one part leaves and one part freshly mown grass for a potent compost mix.

8. Protect your pet from fleas

Rub coffee grounds into your pet’s fur after giving them a bath and then rinse for an organic, chemical-free flea repellent.

9. Give your flowers a glow-up

Coffee grounds reduce the pH level of soil around plants, which can make their colour more vibrant. However, if your plants are in need of more acidity, such as blueberry bushes, do NOT add coffee grounds unless you want them to have a glow-down.

10. Cleanse your palette for perfumes

Sniffing coffee beans between smelling scents can help isolate the smells from one another and prevent scent overload.