2019’s slithery styles

The zodiacs may say that 2019 is the year of the pig, but fashion says differently! Snakes have been inspiring hoards of fashion houses this year, proving that this print is never truly out of style.

Our slithery friend has inspired designers ranging from the upmarket elites such as Saint Laurent and World Corp all the way to your handily accessible ASOS, and we are loving the movement. Brand’s have also been thinking outside of the scaly box by paying homage to the sleekest of reptiles in a more subtle way.

Witchery’s latest collection, Touch of Exotic, shows how different colours, textures and styles can elicit the same message as the iconic snakeskin. Use of deep greens and blacks, gold embellishments and even leather accessories can capture the elegant grandeur of the animal, without stepping into the realm of costumey.

Fashion houses continue to reimagine and rejuvenate their snake inspired looks, and 2019 is looking to be one of the best resurgences yet!