Australasian Netflix most definitely does not have the same vast range of tv shows or movies that the United States does, so it is easy to run out of programmes to binge. With that being said, here are five Netflix series that you might not have heard of but that are most definitely worth your time.


1. Sense 8

Sense 8 follows the lives of eight random strangers as they develop a telekinetic bond. We get to see the undeniable pros of being able to travel thousands of miles away through the mind of another person. But also the cons of never truly being alone, and being able to literally feel everything they feel. Talk about uncomfortable. The show is a nice blend of humour and seriousness. It knows how to laugh at itself without losing the severity of the conflict, a common issue many sci-fi shows face these days. It’s also not afraid to push the boundaries and talk about real-world issues. Sense 8 is a cinematic masterpiece with a range of bone-chilling and heart-warming moments. Definitely, a must watch.



2. The Get Down

The Get Down is a love letter to the youth of the Bronx in the late 1970’s. Main character Ezekiel Figuero is an intelligent young writer trying his best to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. But when Ezekiel befriends the legendary Shaolin Fantastic (yes that is his name), he begins to discover his real potential as an artist. As Zeke starts to find his voice, the ghosts of Shaolin’s past begin to circle in. The characters of the Get Down are impossible not to love. Ezekiel with his earnest innocence, Dizzee (Jaden Smith) with his quirky one-liners or Mylene with her intense passion for singing. The Get Down is a charming, but serious musical series that despite being set in the past still holds relevance today.


3. Jessica Jones

Marvel took a left turn with the production of Jessica Jones. The series doesn’t hold the same light-hearted comedy that their movies are so acclaimed for, it is a darker, definitely R16 perspective of the Marvel cinematic universe. After the tragic car crash that caused the death of her entire family, Jessica Jones wakes up with special abilities. Abilities like super strength and flight. Well kind of, more like very high jumping. Jessica is hard-drinking, sarcastic and more often than not exasperated with everything that goes on around her. She has a more cynical type of comedy, and her show is not for the faint-hearted. Jessica Jones is a spine-chilling thriller that sci-fi fans will definitely be able to appreciate.


4. One Day at a Time (2017-)

One of the more successful remakes of an old sitcom, One Day at a Time is blatantly hilarious. Similar to the original series, One Day at a Time is about how a family copes after divorce. The Alvarez family is hysterically loveable and beautifully relatable. You laugh at them and cry with them. It’s also ballsy as hell. The Alvarez clan is not afraid to throw shade wherever it is due, even at their own president. One Day at a Time is the traditional American family sitcom for the modern era.


5. Queer Eye (2018-)

Queer Eye is the perfect Sunday binge show. Join the five most loveable gay fashion, food, culture and lifestyle experts on a ride around America helping straight men improve their lives. This show is the most wholesome series of television ever created, that’s all there is to it. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t about changing what they look like, rather about helping people be better versions of themselves. They genuinely try to help men develop better relationships with their friends, families and oneself. Queer Eye is humorous and heartwarming, and the perfect pick me up after a long week.