5 Ways To Dress Like An Italian Supermodel

vogue italia spread

Italian supermodels are a deep, mystical kind of sexy. They exude temptation and playfulness. They might not like you, but you won’t care. To master Italian style is to nurture your inner bombshell.

1. A stylish pair of sunnies.
Whether they don a jet-black cat-eye or some oversized tortoiseshells, Italian supermodels are always hiding their eyes from the harsh sunlight on their patios. Eyes are the window to the soul, so a thick lens is a must for models – if no-one can see your soul no-one can steal it. This leaves you with a unique and mysterious vibe. Is she looking straight at you? Or has she been staring at that bowl of pasta puttanesca for ten minutes? No-one knows, and the allure is born.

model wearing cateye sunglasses

2. Dress in black.
Even in a dead Mediterranean heat, you’ll catch an Italian supermodel in an LBD. Either they don’t sweat at all, or they’ve mastered air-wicking technology. It’s easy to build your winter wardrobe around black: turtlenecks, woollen dresses, leather jackets, etc. In summer you can use black in your accessories. A floppy hat or fitted cotton shift dress could bring some pizzazz to your look. And remember, black is slimming – so go as hard as you like on the antipasti.

model wearing a leather jacket and black ripped jeans

3. A bold lip.
It doesn’t always have to be crimson. Although a bright red lip is almost synonymous with European cinema, Italian supermodels sometimes opt for other palettes. The point is to have a clear edge to your mouth; lipliner is every model’s go-to. Reds, deep purples, and coffee-tinted nudes are all Italian-esque looks – but never pink. Choose one with staying power so you can pose with tasty carbs and eat them, too.

model wearing lipstick

4. Wear an attitude.
American supermodels are homogenous. They all morph into one giant Victoria’s Secret Angel, abounding with doe eyes, tan legs, and soft voices. Models all fit into a particular bracket of looks, so to stand out like the Italian breed you need the X Factor. Linda Evangelista currently holds the record for covers of Vogue Italia. She also once famously said she’d never get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. A far cry from the Hadids’ and Jenners’ “#blessed”. That’s punk. Be linda, like Linda.

a young linda evangelista

5. Choose one feature.
Italian supermodels maintain their allure by choosing a different feature to accent with each outfit. You never get to see the whole picture. Is she a shapeshifter? Who can tell? Yesterday she was all legs, and today it’s just a long swan neck. Is there anything in between? You, too, can keep people guessing. Wear skinny jeans or a mini skirt to highlight your legs or a flowy spaghetti strap dress to put those shoulders on display. A long-sleeved crop top can display your abs on days you’re not bloated with herbs and bread.

a yound sophia loren

Of course, the one feature of Italian that separates them from every other kind of supermodel is their appetite. Never afraid to try new things or loosen a belt buckle, Italian life is about celebrating what you have: beautiful eyes, a svelte waist, or a garlic bread.