A Downright Delicious Brew With Kōkako

Finding a barista-worthy coffee in a supermarket is now easier than ever, thanks to Kōkako.

With its Every Bird launch almost a year ago, Kōkako has brought specialty coffee to the aisles of every grocery store in the country. Their packaging is not just bright and fun but also compostable, which makes them grab attention and stand out among other brands on the shelf. 

Kōkako’s Everyday Blend has a bold and delicious chocolate biscuit flavour, making it versatile as it brews well with every method. To adapt to the recent coffee trends and consumers’ consciousness about their caffeine intake, the brand also has a Half-Caf blend, an excellent option for a mid-day pickup. 

“We wanted to get certified Fairtrade, organic, climate-neutral specialty coffee into more people’s hands,” said MD Mike Murphy. “By launching into supermarkets, we’ve made it even easier for people to choose responsibly sourced coffee made with people and the planet in mind.”

 Kōkako’s offerings are now available at Countdown, New World and Supie.