Burrow Bags is an innovative new product which helps to secure a good night’s sleep for you and your baby, and makes travelling with a baby easy as you can secure your Burrow Bag to a single bed mattress. No need for porta cots!

The Burrow Bags are beautifully crafted sleep sacks that are secured to the mattress by a wide cotton strap which wraps around and fastens under the mattress. This assures babies stay secure in their Burrow Bag and can’t escape and get cold. The secured bag allows them to turn on their side, lift up their legs and provides room for adequate movement.

​Just place your baby on the un-zipped Burrow Bag, put their arms through the armholes and zip it up – done! The bag is very easy to remove and wash.

Knowing your baby can’t fall out of the cot because the Burrow Bag is secured to the mattress, will give you peace of mind. Your baby is less likely to wake cold and be sitting or standing in the cot crying out for mum, having kicked their blankets off or banged their head on the side of their cot.

​Burrow Bags help create positive sleep association with bedtime, as babies tend to settle faster.

Burrow Bags keep babies secure and warm. It could just be that you will be less likely to need to keep that heater cranking in their bedroom on cold nights.

The range includes summer and winter Burrow Bags which have been designed and made in New Zealand using 100 percent pure cotton and merino.