Evansdale Cheese, New Zealand’s littlest cheese company, was the first small cheese making factory in New Zealand, beginning in 1978, with the Dennison family cow, Evansdale Cheese has grown from gathering 150 litres of milk each day, to 1,500 litres each day. 

If cheese is handmade, properly looked after, and left to mature, it can develop a delightfully unique character. Evansdale aims for cheeses to be enjoyed at their best and to preserve the natural processes and subtle flavouring of the elements within the milk. This helps to preserve the cheeses natural delicate or robust flavours.

All Evansdale cheeses are made naturally free of preservatives and calf rennet by a 100 percent New Zealand owned business, in fact Evansdale is still owned by the Dennison family.

To order delicious, Kiwi made cheese, delivered to your door by post haste visit evansdalecheese.co.nz