MAFS S10 EP34 | “Anything You Say Is Just Going To Disappoint Me.”

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Episode Thirty-Four: Final Ceremonies Part Two

After the explosive conclusion that was Alyssa and Duncan’s final vows, and Melinda and Layton’s surprising turn to remain committed, the last three couples were up for final vows. 

Up first were Rupert and Evelyn. The tensions between the pair were evident following the dinner party, where Rupert unfairly held Evelyn to things she had mentioned at the beginning of the experiment. When Evelyn had the final dinner party, if he thought she was attracted to her, the groom regurgitated something the bride had said weeks earlier. 

Evelyn shut down the question quickly, stating that she and Rupert had slept together. Rupert revealed that that didn’t necessarily mean she was attracted to him. Yikes. 

Rupert’s comments revealed more about the groom than Evelyn, which Evelyn confessed. 

“Sex is a big deal for me,” revealed Evelyn. 

She elaborated that she would not have slept with Rupert if she wasn’t attracted to him. Rupert replied, claiming that one didn’t necessarily need to be attracted to someone to have sex with them. It was evident that Rupert’s comments hurt the bride. 

MAF’s producers then did an excellent slide show of Rupert’s uncomfortably awkward words throughout the experiment. 

“I feel like I’ve been very patient with Rupert.” 

And that she has. Especially considering the groom’s last compliment was she looked good in an unhealthy pee-coloured dress.  

No time was wasted, and the couple went immediately to final vows. Evelyn revealed that she believed she was putting in the most effort to keep the relationship growing. 

One may have thought Rupert had overcome his insecurity over his partner’s attractiveness. Still, once again, when it was his turn to speak, he fumbled with his words and gave his former bride various compliments while stating he didn’t think she’d been putting effort into their relationship.

“At least he remembered the name of my dogs,” Evelyn stated after the final vows. 

Next were Tahnee and Ollie. And well, the gorgeous couple, of course, chose to stay together. With maturity far exceeding many individuals participating in MAFS, despite being the youngest pair, each turned to their friends and family. They spoke of their fears of long-distance, the week spent apart revealing what a slug it would be.

“Coming into this experiment, I wanted to find my best friend, and I feel very lucky to have found one,” shared Tahnee through tears.

As Tahnee was overcome with emotion, Ollie hugged and kissed his bride in comfort and had her laughing from his vows when he revealed the pair had been toeing around whether they were in a real relationship. 

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a bloody duck,

“If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a bloody duck,” confirmed the groom. 

Finally were Lyndall and Cam. The extent of Cam’s indifference to Lyndall was revealed to both her and everyone else at the final dinner party. A new character shone through after his words had reduced his wife to tears. 

Lyndall shared with her mother the events of the dinner party, which had her mother shocked that Cam didn’t have the basic respect or decency to reveal to her in private his true feelings and ideas for the future with her. 

While Lyndall gained a much-needed perspective on the mistreatment she had faced with Cam, Cam turned to his friend for support, which only confirmed what was already known.

“Lyndall’s a genuine girl,” shared Cam’s friend, something which everyone other than Cam seemed to be aware of.

Later, Cam’s friend confessed to the camera that he hoped he would gently let Lyndall down. 

When the pair met for final vows, Lyndall found her voice and gave Cam a much-needed, yet very respectful, dressing down for his behaviour towards her. 

Lyndall ended her speech, quoting his most common angry words back at him. She stated that the man she met at the alter morphed into someone she did not know, someone who threatened to leave and to turn against her at every turn that she tried to connect with him. Lyndall elaborated that the groom often stormed off and threw a tantrum when having difficult conversations.

“To state it plainly, stay in your lane, and I’ll stay in mine. I want to build a life I’m proud of, and that does not include you,” declared Lyndall. 

Cam’s expressions were telling, and as he pulled out his cue cards to start his speech, Lyndall stopped him gently.

“Before you start, anything you say is just going to disappoint me.”

Gobsmacked, Cam threw his cards to the ground. Lyndall made it clear she did not want to hear what Cam had to say. 

As Cam stormed off, Lyndall’s relief and joy were unmistakable.