Are you surrounded by extremely excited women? You’re probably watching Magic Mike XXL

If you find yourself sitting in a cinema full of extremely excited women then chances are good you are about to view the semi-naked wonder of Magic Mike XXL!

The movie is a sequel to the 2012 hit and once again delivers an amazing display of well-choreographed dance returns involving limited clothing and maximum enjoyment.

Channing Tatum returns as “Magic Mike”, and is supported by a well-toned and talented cast including Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez.

Balancing out the predominantly male team are Jada Pinkett Smith (who looks fantastic!), Amber Heard, Elizabeth Banks and a cameo by Andie MacDowell whom proves to be the Cinderella to “Big Dick Richie”. If you can’t make the connection with the nickname see the film – the Magic one, not the Disney animated classic.

The lads are meant to be male entertainers at the end of their careers but there is nothing slow or sub-par about each performance.  From the initial sexy welding scene through to the grand finale every actor puts his heart and soul into routines that had the audience both in the film and in the cinema clapping, cheering and smiling like cats that got the cream.

To be fair to the writers there is an attempt to throw in a storyline about the lads competing in a stripper competition for a final time, but I don’t think anyone is there for the emotional side of things. It just provides a fill-in for the parts of the film that don’t include dancing and general sexiness.

Ladies – get a group of girlfriends together, have a glass of bubbles and sit back to enjoy the naked ride. Alternatively tell the man in your life it is a show about magicians – by the time he realises the truth it will be too late!

Either way – enjoy the show!

– Amy Pratt at NetGuide