Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Thirty Seven

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Episode Thirty-Seven:

This was the first round of vow renewals and the couples facing the music this episode were arguably the most and least lovable members of the experiment: Cam and Jules, and Jess and Dan.

Let’s start with the mum and dad of the group, Jules and Cam.

The couple started by watching their wedding video together, which was an adorable moment that made the two of them gush over their growing love. Cam admitted that watching the tape back made him seriously consider having another wedding, this time as partners rather than strangers.

Cam and Jules had lunches with friends and family to discuss their impending decision, which for both of them seemed to be no decision at all. Cam and Jules both seemed to have proposals on the mind, as Jules shared that she hopes he will get down on one knee, while Cam revealed that he is considering very much doing so.

The final vow ceremony was filled with happy tears from both Cam and Jules as they expressed their devotion to this relationship. Then, the moment we had all been waiting for came as Cam dropped down on one knee and proposed to the absolutely smitten Jules.

This was a very happy ending to an extremely lovable couple.

Next up were Dan and Jess.

Both Jess and Dan gathered with their respective families to discuss their impending decision and were met with a pretty reasonable amount of backlash. Jess was unfazed by the lack of support from her sister, but Dan on the other hand seemed pretty torn.

Dan had to explain to his mother and friends that Tamara was out of the picture, and Jess was very much in it. His mum expressed some concerns about the pairing and warned her son that he seemed to be moving too fast. His friends were very much of a similar opinion and even called their relationship fake.

With the knowledge that no one in the whole of Australia (and New Zealand) was even vaguely happy for them, the two moved on to their final vows.

Jess admitted an undying and unconditional love for her boyfriend of a fortnight, stating that she envisioned them growing old together. It was very soppy and way too quick. Dan’s mum was spot on the money.

Dan’s vows were more subdued, and he even expressed remorse for the way they had gotten together. After beating around the bush he finally admitted that he loved her too and wants them to be together. Jess was elated, Australia (and New Zealand) groaned.

Dan then gives Jess a commitment ring, proposal fake out number two of the season, and the two shared their excitement to move to the Gold Coast together.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

Cam and Jules’ proposal. Is it weird that they are already married and planning another wedding? If it is, the cute factor definitely outweighed the oddness.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Jess’s face when she genuinely thought Dan may be about to end their relationship. It was bittersweet because the she-devil did eventually get what she wanted, but the brief flutter of fear was at least partially satisfying.