Around the water cooler: MAFS Episode Thirty Six

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Episode Thirty-Six:

Get ready for the most dramatic dinner party so far, as the couples let loose and really go in on some of the less charming members of the group.

The episode started with Heidi apologising to Mike for her poor behaviour the night previous and insisting that she wants them to be together. She basically took the blame for all their past missteps, which pleased Mike although he still seemed uncertain about their future.

The dinner party began with a series of questions being thrown at Jess and Dan about how their relationship had been going. Everyone was being pretty civil and as supportive as they could given the circumstances of their getting together. That is until Jess put her foot in her mouth and accidentally revealed that they had been seeing each other behind their partner’s backs for a lot longer than they originally claimed.

Everyone was pissed and went in on the couple. Martha stood up for their pair calling the rest of the couples self-righteous. Which is kind of true but being that they are also 100 percent correct gave Martha’s defence of Jess and Dan very little sway.

Mike bought up Heidi’s apology to the group, which did not get the reception he had hoped for. Heidi was not willing to take responsibility for her actions in front of her friends and basically took back everything she had said earlier. Mike was incredibly confused and frustrated and left the room to cool off. Heidi followed. Mike blurted out that their relationship feels like torture. “You can be free of the torture right now if that’s what you want,” said Heidi. Which was pretty unfair of her. She is constantly pulling the rug out from Mikes feet and threatening breakups, which is probably why this whole thing feels like torture for him.

Their argument was cut short as the experts reveal the honesty boxes, where couples must ask and answer honest questions with their spouse, in front of the rest of the group.

Cam and Jules, Ning and Mark and Martha and Michael had a pretty uneventful series of questions which basically amounted to nothing. Boring.

Jess and Dan’s questions got super awkward as Jess admitted that she loves her boyfriend of all of a few days. Dan deflected the moment well, until Jess decided to point blank as if he loves her too. The man literally recoiled but claimed that he does, probably out of fear of retaliation. The experts roasted the couple in the other room, claiming that the whole interaction was hard to watch. That moment when even your therapists think you’re crazy.

Heidi and Mike began their honesty box but as Mike was speaking, the respectful silence of the rest of the group was broken by Jess’s condescending giggle.

Mike called Jess out on her rudeness, she reacted by throwing out more insults. Superwoman Jules came to Mike’s side with one of the sickest burns of 2019. “You’ve got girls and you’ve got women. That’s an actual fact. That’s the truth.” Her insult was met by extreme rage by Jess, Martha and Michael who come for the ginger truthteller. They insisted that she explain herself, and in doing so miss the key point of any insult: if she has to explain it, it is just that much more insulting.

Jules refused to explain her comment, so Martha claimed she was going back on what she said. Jules retaliated by saying she was not at all, she stands by what she said she is just not going to both explaining it to them. Go Jules!

There is more bickering, then Jess came out saying that Mike told her he was planning on leaving Heidi. Mike adamantly denied it stating a rather obvious fact that if he was planning on leaving why on earth would he have told her, they are not even friends. Heidi was upset by the revelation, demonstrating once again Jess’s lack of regard for anyone she upsets.

Ning adamantly defended Mike and told Heidi that this was exactly what she did to her and Mark. There is no truth in Jess’s words.

The bickering continued to escalate. Dan attempted to quieten everyone (which failed) and was finally forced to yelling at everyone to just shut up, including his wife.

The night pretty much ended there, with everyone leaving rather solemnly. Dan admitted to the camera that the new side of Jess he saw tonight is not something he particularly likes, and the couple ended up leaving separately.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

There was nothing cute about this episode, it was all rage and sass.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Martha and Michael making complete fools of themselves by defending Jess every time she was called out for her gross behaviour. Way to throw yourselves under the bus.