Attention MyHooman, I’m Looking For My Furever Home

Being an experienced hooman, who has been through the long adoption process before, I am very familiar with waiting a long time to hear that your application is unsuccessful. It gets a bit depressing, really. To solve this on-going problem, an app called MyHooman was born.

MyHooman is an online adoption platform designed right here, in New Zealand by Mars Petcare. This innovative creation helps reduce paperwork; therefore, shelters can utilise their time focusing on the animals rather than the tedious task of processing adoptions. This free platform uses artificial intelligence and smart matching algorithms to find the most suitable adoptors for each registered pup, and vice versa.

Mars New Zealand General Manager Pete Simmons pointed out that MyHooman will prevent adoptions from failing.

“Typically people jump online to search for the pet they want – but this doesn’t guarantee that they can find the right doggo that’s right for them. Globally, around a fifth of dogs adopted from a shelter end up back there each year, which is heart-breaking for animals and shelters.

By using insights from shelters and Mars’ Waltham Petcare Science Institute, MyHooman looks at the needs of every animal and matches them to owners with the right lifestyle. This means pets are more likely to get a better human-match first time and avoid returning to the shelter system.

“Everything we do at Mars Petcare is centred on our purpose, ‘A Better World For Pets’ and a big part of this is our work to end pet homelessness. For the past decade, we’ve encouraged Kiwis to adopt a rescue dog through our PEDIGREE campaigns, but MyHooman is a completely new approach and we’re confident it will help the thousands of dogs in New Zealand shelters each year,” said Simmons.

“By using time-saving tech to simplify how shelters to register, care for and share animals’ profiles, MyHooman eases many of the pressures shelters face. Once animals are in the system, it can proactively target adopters with their best pet matches, meaning it can prevent great animals from waiting around in shelters,” explained Ahmad Salim, Executive Director, Mars Business and Innovation at Colenso BBDO.

MyHooman will initially focus on the adoption of dogs and hoomans looking to adopt will be able to use the app in December for free.

Watch the video below to find out more: