Tis the Season and we can’t get enough of Christmas cheer from decorations, to Secret Santa to lengthy lunches, family feasts, and a tonne of laughs and giggles, what’s not to love?

Well for some it may be the next morning. There’s nothing worse than a pounding headache the night after a good party and that’s why Pharmacist Nawaff AlKabban from Unichem Wyndham St Pharmacy, Auckland CBD offers five top tips on how to beat a hangover.

Always hydrate and restore lost nutrients. Drinking alcohol depletes you of vital nutrients such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and many more. Alkabban recommends drinking 1Above’s Next Level Recovery Drink. With proven benefits for recovery and circulation, your pumping your body full of electrolytes and vitamins as you drink a refreshing flavored drink.

You can always use a nap. Centuries ago people’s days used to consist of several naps and in many South American countries siestas are still a dominant part of the culture. So, go ahead and sneak in a nap or two throughout the day and feel the immediate benefits.

Try and avoid drinking coffee. If you have a pounding headache try and avoid your daily caffeine fix. Coffee is known for boosting your blood pressure by narrowing your blood vessels, so just stick to water.

Grab yourself a banana. Chock-full of potassium bananas are actually the best source of vitamin B6 and research has shown that a banana can reduce a hangover by as much as 50%.

Dim lights and sounds. Try to avoid screen lights and turn down your TV. For your body to recover you need genuine relaxation, and excessive light and noise are anything but relaxing.