AWWA Period Care Want to Make First Periods Less Scary

AWWA period care is committed to changing the stigma around periods, and has launched My First Period kits – dedicated period-absorbent underwear packages especially designed for tweens and teens who are yet to, or just starting their menstrual journey. 

The kits are aimed at making the subject of menstruation less scary for parents/caregivers and their loved ones and contain a choice of three styles/flows of AWWA period absorbent underwear alongside an educational booklet The Little Book of Periods to help tweens and teens understand the changes going on in their bodies, and help change the conversation from scary and negative to normal, unique and empowering. 

The AWWA period absorbent underwear options include:

  • 3-pack shorties (moderate)
  • 4-pack mixed shorties and briefs (moderate-heavy)
  • 4-pack briefs (heavy)

Ethically made from natural, organic and recycled fabrics, AWWA’s reusable underwear looks and feels like normal underwear, but can absorb up to 5 regular tampons or pads worth of blood, thus eliminating the need for other wasteful sanitary products. Their sustainable fabric technology uses four super absorbent, anti-microbial and leak resistant layers, to keep users feeling fresh, dry and worry free – a must for the busy daily lives of teens.

My First Period kits also contain a mini hottie for cramp relief and a wet bag to store underwear when at school or sports.

AWWA co-founder Michelle Wilson wants the kits to give parents and caregivers the confidence and reassurance that they’re doing the best thing for their children and loved ones when it comes to talking about menstruation for the first time. As an important milestone in the development of our tamariki, menstruation is something to front foot, and address so they can feel safe and nurtured, and know what to expect with their first ikura or period. The simplicity of period underwear takes away the scary, messy and wasteful single use pads and tampons, making first periods that much easier.

The specially designed ‘Little Book of First Periods’ is full of educational information for tweens and teens to understand the changes going on in their bodies, their moods and help open up the conversation that the beginning of menstruation is totally normal and unique to every individual. From little diagrams on the reproductive organs and how menstruation works with fun facts about periods, premenstrual moods and hormones through to the environmental choice of using period underwear and the convenience of period underwear at school, for sports and activities and how to use them.

To celebrate the new kits AWWA is also including some exciting complimentary products to the first 250 kits sold:

Jeuneora foam face wash, Evre Face Mist and Moisturiser, Anihana Sugar Scrub, and an Essano Face Mask.

The new My First Period Kits will be available online at