Baby Steps To Start A Plastic-Free Life

A plastic-free life is as vital as ever. Slowly, people are starting to realise the damage plastic can do to our mother earth. To save our living land, the appearance of plastic-free products are surfacing the market, and now plastic-free packaging is becoming more and more available to our daily life essential needs.

How do you live plastic-free? Or where do you even begin? We’ve curated a few plastic-free products that are currently on the market to get you started and contribute back to mother earth!

Dishwashing Brush 

This dishwashing brush from Eco Store is made with a sustainably sourced beechwood handle and a head with vegetable fibre bristles that will biodegrade at the end of their life. They also make vegetable scrubbing brushes!

Cotton Market Bag

Salt Bags are all about keeping plastic out of the ocean. Their market bag is made with 100 percent cotton, it is reusable, home compostable and worm-friendly.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Go Bamboo’s toothbrush is biodegradable and recyclable. The natural bamboo handle is sealed with edible wax and packaged with a recycled cardboard box. Why wouldn’t you go bamboo?


Replace your plastic wraps for these organic reusable beeswax food wrap. Honeywrap’s beeswax wraps are reusable, sustainable and made in New Zealand from GOTS certified organic cotton and natural ingredients. Such an easy plastic-free swap!

Shampoo Bar

Swap out your shampoo plastic bottles with a shampoo bar. Ahhh Body Care shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients that are not only good for you but good for the environment. With up to 70 washes per bar, that’s at least two plastic bottles worth!

It’s also a great idea to start bringing your own containers for takeaways! Keep a few in your car so you’re never caught without one. Switch to steel straws (which are just really cute too…) and avoid chewing gum because who knew, it also has plastic in it! There are endless ways to start your eco-friendly journey and we hope this wee list helped you take a step into the right direction.