Rolling up to Sylvia Park to watch Bad Neighbours 2, I was struggling to remember the last one and what happened which is a good and bad thing. All though the whole movie was a pretty routine sequel, that doesn’t mean it didn’t have it moments.

NO SPOILERS AHEAD (I mean… unless you have seen the original, then you have already spoiled it yourself…)

Essentially there was a lot more of the same going on, but this is where forgetting the original was great – I got to re-experience everything again. I was reborn into the classic American sorority life with a hairy, not oiled up version of Magic Mike aka Zac Efron which was a conveniently similar character/vibe/style/everything to his recent role in Dirty Grandpa. On top of that there is of course the classic air-bag gags that is seen in the original, perhaps they could of just left them behind in the first movie if they couldn’t bring it to the next level.

In this movie however I do enjoy how they take a more personal approach to the girls POV and as a girl with no girl friends I definitely connected with this need for a sisterhood. I even got a little emotional at the end.

ANYWAY – so Zac Efron has come back to haunt Seth Rogen as he helps mentor Chloë Grace Moretz with her new sorority. Efron’s a dick huh? But the thing that was super weird for me was when Zac Efron runs barefoot and finds himself running into Rogen. It was a weird scene and could of been executed a lot better. It was just WEIRD, okay.

Long story short – if you liked the original it’s a solid 5/5 film. If you forgot or haven’t seen the original it’s maybe a 4/5.

So let’s refresh that old memory of yours here before you go watch the new one. Because it is definitely a good LOL for a rainy weekend.