Barbie Partners with EMU Australia

For 60 years, the Barbie Dreamhouse has given dreams a home, and when you think of home and comfort, a pair of cosy slippers is one of the first things that springs to mind. 

In celebration of the Barbie Dreamhouse 60th anniversary, EMU Australia has teamed up with Barbie and taken their most iconic and fashionable slippers and boots to transform them with the iconic Barbie colour. Upbeat, familiar and comforting, this collaboration is bright and nostalgic. 

The Dreamhouse is as iconic as the doll herself and lends itself perfectly to the imagined setting for EMU Australia’s boots and slippers to be worn. Known around the world for their comfort and cosiness and for taking over Instagram, EMU Australia slippers and boots are practical for lounging, living, and dreaming.

Global marketing manager at EMU Australia, Rebecca Fett said that the product was conceptualised through a mutual admiration for each other’s brands. 

“EMU Australia is thrilled to collaborate with such an iconic property. We were excited to connect the beautiful southern coast of Australia to the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse to create stylish comfortable footwear for today’s flexible indoor/outdoor living,” said Fett.

In this exciting exclusive collection, we see the iconic Australian footwear brand with an iconic Barbie style and the brand’s signature shade of pink. Covering both Women’s and kids’ sizes, this collaboration gives the opportunity for everyone to match with the mini in their lives.

“The Barbie Dreamhouse and Barbie are iconic fashion and style influences. Barbie is a  champion for female empowerment, so as a female-focused brand, we are very excited to align with such an icon,” said Fett.

Designed with confident women and girls in mind who embody an empowered, free-spirited lifestyle, the collection offers unparalleled comfort for everyday at-home lounging while being sleek enough to wear out and about. The collaboration debuts just as temperatures start to drop.