Barkers Premiere New Zealand’s cleanest denim range

Looking for a way to update your denim wardrobe, without supporting harmful industry behaviours?

Barkers are preparing to debut a fresh denim range with the same sleek style of their classic jeans, but with a revitalised approach to sustainable manufacturing.

The fashion group have dramatically decreased their water and energy consumptions through a partnership with Saitex, a Fairtrade organisation based in Vietnam.

This new range uses only 1.5 litres of water post-recycling for their production, as opposed to the whopping industry average of 80 litres. They have also utilised air drying techniques and solar panels for their quick spins.

Overall, the company have lowered their factory emissions by 80 percent, ensuring that you can enjoy all the fashionable features of their new denim range, without environmental concerns. This is now the cleanest denim range in the country, so keep your eyes peeled.