BATMAN V SUPERMAN: A Love Hate Relationship

You are probably going to go watch Batman V Superman, and yes you should definitely go. Even though I am a die-hard Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire versions only), Superman (only played by Henry Cavill) is my second favourite and I had the pleasure of enjoying it at Queen Street’s IMAX, which was amazing and an incredible experience in itself. However, I have a few problems with Ben Affleck and I need to get it out of my system.


The two and a half hour long film, didn’t feel that long but seriously lacked some of the best qualities your average superhero film. For starters, whose idea was it to cast Ben Affleck?!?! All the problems of this movie for me revolve around Ben Affleck as Batman and his terrible acting. I wish they had continued to use Christian Bale and I would of totally put up with Batman’s whinny ass. Ben Affleck should not be any kind of superhero. He should just stick to romantic comedies, like The Proposal – oh wait that was Ryan Reynolds, love that guy. Anyway, Ben Affleck you suck and they should bring back Christian Bale.

Anyway – I am so excited for the next movie featuring JASON MOMOA (aka Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones) as Aquaman!!! 100% thought they were going to give him a bigger role in this film as it did have a number of water scenes…

Gal Gadot was amazing as Wonder Woman, especially her day wear featuring modern gold cuff’s and thick necklaces that gave you subtle hints of Wonder Woman’s Superhero outfit. The only downfall of her Superhero get up was the torso didn’t fit right and therefore made her breast look strange?? Otherwise she was on point and amazing as per usual. I want to see more of this Fast & Furious star!!

FUN FACT: There is a rumor going around that Wonder Woman and Aquaman are related, a lot of people are saying brother/sister – THIS IS INCORRECT! Wonder Woman is a direct descendant of Zeus and Aquaman is the direct descendant of Poseidon. People use your brains! Zeus and Poseidon are brothers, therefore Wonder Woman and Aquaman are cousins.

So to make a two and a half hour long story short – Batman really hates Superman and Jesse Eisenberg plays an amazingly annoying not-so-super villain.