a sandwich made with multigrain bread, just like the people crave

The votes are in, and lettuce and avocado have been voted the top two sandwich fillings in New Zealand. A survey conducted by Farmlands asked 900 people about their sandwich habits, sating the curiosity of Subway managers around the country.

The survey found that 66 percent of respondents favoured lettuce in their sandwich, and avocado came a close second at 58 percent. The sacred berry also had an honourable mention in the spreads section, proving its versatility and popularity across food categories. Third and fourth places for favourite filling were tomato and chicken, at 51 percent and 44 percent respectively.

The survey of 900 people also revealed Kiwis hate fillings that add to sandwich sogginess; beetroot, tuna, and cucumber.

A full 93.3 percent of those surveyed opted for a crusts-on sandwich, and only 9.75 percent wanted white bread, indicating an unexpected maturity from sandwich consumers. The bread of choice was multigrain, and more people opted for butter over margarine – the vegans haven’t won yet.

“With so much choice these days, it’s interesting to see that classic ingredients like salad, avocado, chicken, ham and bacon are still popular,” said Farmland marketing director Garth Davis. “The survey results definitely show that we’re a nation of sandwich lovers with very clear opinions on what should and shouldn’t be in the perfect sandwich.”