Billie Eilish’s Vegan Road Trip

Music superstar Billie Eilish has taken the world by storm with her smooth new EDM/Pop tracks. Now the songwriter is dropping more nuggets of wisdom for her adoring fans, but this time in the form of food recommendations.

Eilish teamed up with UberEats to discuss some of her favourite vegan restaurants across the U.S., and we have compiled them so you can live out your wildest vegan road trip dreams while singing along to the musician’s biggest hits.

When we all want to eat vegan, where do we go?


The road trip starts here, in the home of hearty cooking! ATX Food Co. is Eilish’s joint of choice for Austin as it has a variety of food options to fit any mood. For light meals, the store’s colourful salad bowls will always hit the spot, or if you are looking for something heartier, their Electrified Wild Blueberry Pancakes sound absolutely mouth-watering!

Los Angeles

Next stop is one of the country’s most prominent tourist destinations, and the musician’s venue of choice is Café Gratitude. The outlet specialises in organic and plant-based drinks, including smoothies, spritzers and shiver-inducing health shots. If you are in search of a refreshing buzz, this is the place to be in L.A.


For this beachy city, Eilish recommends the Love Life Café for their delicious flavours and impressive presentations. The singer describes the store’s signature salad as “one of the most Instagramable meals in the land,” which will surely make it a hit among aspiring food bloggers.

New York

Perhaps the most anticipated stop on any American road trip. By Chloe takes the crown for this location, thanks to their revolutionary Guac Burgers. As if avocado was not enough of a superfood already, now that it comes in burger form it will only be a matter of time before it takes over the world.


Famous for their fascinating, and slightly terrifying, Space Needle this city is also host to one of the world’s best vegan Thai restaurants. Araya’s Place, according to Eilish, is to die for as their tofu cream cheese is incomparable.

Washington D.C.

Indian Jones Vegan is the final stop on this mouth-watering road trip, but we are finishing with a bang. Eilish swears that this is one of the best Indian restaurants in D.C., regardless of your dietary preferences.