Book Club | Books for When Life Gets Tough

The Book of Feeling Blue

Gwendoline Smith


“How do you know if you’re just feeling a bit sad or if you are depressed? What level of sadness is ‘normal’?

How do you work out what’s going on when you feel down? What kinds of treatment are available?

How do you help a family member or friend who is depressed? Psychologist Gwendoline Smith answers these questions and many more.

She specifically addresses postnatal blues and depression; depression in children, teens and older people; and depression in relation to gender and sexuality.

She covers the full range of treatment options, from psychiatry through to natural therapies. With her characteristic humorous approach, examples and anecdotes, Gwendoline offers powerful strategies for addressing these issues. In Gwendoline’s words: ‘Depression knows no bounds. It is oblivious to gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation. Just try to understand and be kind.'”




Roxie Nafousi

The first practical book on manifesting, an increasingly popular self-development trend, this inspirational ‘how to’ guide will teach readers to believe in themselves to reach for the life they want

This is the essential guide to the art of manifestation, for anyone wanting to feel more empowered and successful in life. Whether you want to attract your soulmate, land the perfect job, find the home you have always wanted, or simply achieve more inner-peace and confidence; Manifest will teach you how to get there, in just seven simple steps.

1. Be clear in your vision
2. Remove fear and doubt
3. Align your behaviour
4. Overcome tests from the universe
5. Embrace gratitude without caveats
6. Turn envy into inspiration
7. Trust in the universe

A meeting of science and wisdom, manifesting is a philosophy and a self-development practice to help you reach for your goals and live your best life.

Life is Tough (But So Are You) Journal

Briony Benjamin

A beautiful and inspiring guided journal with writing prompts and exercises to step you through any life curveball, inspired by the bestselling book Life Is Tough (But So Are You).

We all have to deal with tough times, whether illness, grief, divorce, job loss or a mental health crisis. When cancer survivor Briony Benjamin faced chemo and treatment, journalling became her saviour, a daily ritual that calmed the farm and helped her steady the ship through rough waters.

Inspired by Briony’s bestselling book Life Is Tough (But So Are You), this beautiful guided journal will help you process your own curveball, whatever it may be. Here Briony shares writing prompts, checklists and journalling pages to help you make sense of your feelings, build a kick-arse support team and find ways to cope, while offering support and just the right dose of pick-me-up.

Whether used alone or to accompany her book, this journal is here to hold your hand and remind you that no matter how challenging this chapter of your life is, if you take it page by page, you can get through.

Your Weight Is Not The Problem

Lyndi Cohen

Our constant fixation with losing weight is exhausting. We’re stuck in a vicious diet cycle, gaining weight after each failed attempt and never feeling good enough.

Diet culture and unattainable #bodygoals contribute to burnout, overwhelm and feeling out of control around food.

It’s time to embrace a new approach. In Your Weight is not the Problem, nutritionist and dietitian Lyndi Cohen offers a simple plan to break free from the dieting trap with small, doable healthy habits you can stick to no matter how busy life gets.

Her evidence-based strategies will help you find freedom with food and build a trusting, healthy relationship with your body. Because health and happiness aren’t about having a perfectly flat stomach or a cellulite-free tush.

They’re about feeling comfortable in your skin and having the energy to do the things you love.

Liberate yourself from food guilt and self-blame with a new approach to health that doesn’t rely on willpower or counting calories, because you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach.

Letter to My Younger Self

Jane Graham

‘Letter to My Younger Self’ is back with another incredible selection of letters from well-known figures. In this edition, interviewer Jane Graham asks one simple question to a wide range of women from the worlds of entertainment, politics, food, sport, literature and business.

This collection of 50 of the most moving, inspiring and honest letters includes Fearne Cotton on battling imposter syndrome, Billie Piper on feeling burnt out, Dame Kelly Homes on not giving up, Nancy Sinatra on marrying young and so much more.

Letter to My Younger Self gives a powerful insight into the wisdom that age brings and how you can use this knowledge to shape your future.