WATCH the trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events’ new NETFLIX online series.

Growing up I was definitely into A Series of Unfortunate Events, the very gothic and gloomy children’s books by Lemony Snicket. Until the movie came out in 2004 which was kinda lame, but now they are back! Better than ever adapted into an online series for the holy God itself, NETFLIX. The news was out last year but finally the trailer dropped and here it is!

Fans of the books and movie will recognise Klaus’ glasses, Violet’s ribbon, a porter’s hat from Hotel Denouement, a crow from ‘The Vile Village’, books on Mushroom Minutiae, nuptial law and Paltryville, a map of Lake Lachrymose, a cross-stitch of Lucky Smells Lumbermill, Count Olaf’s ‘Shirley’ disguise and a whole lot of eyes.

BUT the original video was uploaded by ‘EleanoraPoe’ who all you fans will instantly remember from the series.

HOWEVER if you haven’t read the books, seen the movie or if this is the first you’ve heard of it – here is the movie trailer from 2004 to give you an idea.. Yes they are children’s books but you should still give it a read!