The new MINIONS movie is super cute, but don’t be late!

Despicable Me 2 was definitely a favourite of mine, because who doesn’t love Gru and his girls? Plus it had a whole heap of minions all over the place. So I was really excited to see the new Minions movie!!

This is – of course – a whole other story. The beginning of the movie was great with following the evolution of Minions! But how do you follow that?! It was so good! tumblr_nehuz1KPxV1qcr4mlo2_500When the Minions had settled finally that was kind of the height of the movie, leaving it to slowly decline for the remaining 90 minutes. SO DON’T BE LATE. tumblr_nei87dY6lL1ti96k0o1_500However, the slapstick humour (that we have all grown to love) kept a grin on my face throughout the movie. *SPOILER* Beware of the adorable kids screaming out “IT’S GRU!!!!” at the end is too good. I was about to cry it was so cute.