Book Club | October’s Non-Fiction Picks

Audrey Hepburn

Megan Hess

Discover the key moments of Hepburn’s fascinating life and the iconic looks she pioneered. From Sabrina to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn is renowned for her acting skill and fashion style, but less well known is her life in Nazi-occupied Holland or her tireless dedication to helping those less fortunate than herself. Elegantly enclosed by a hardback cover and ribbon, Megan’s beautiful illustrations follow Hepburn through three distinct chapters: her early life in World War II Europe, dreaming of becoming a ballerina; her ingénue years as the rising star of Hollywood and her incredible fashion partnership with Hubert de Givenchy; and her private life beyond the silver screen, building a legacy through her humanitarian work.

Safar: Muslim Women’s Stories of Travel and Transformation

Sarah Malik

‘Safar: Muslim Women’s Stories of Travel and Transformation’ is a beautifully illustrated gift book that explores the emotional and spiritual aspects of journeying. Through a series of interviews with Muslim women from diverse backgrounds, Australian journalist Sarah Malik considers personal growth and self-knowledge in the context of travel.

Tinder Translator

Aileen Barratt

Through her Instagram account, Aileen has heard from thousands of people on their dating experiences, in addition to her own years spent on dating apps. This dictionary of douchebaggery is part reference, part rant and part rallying cry for anyone navigating the sometimes gross and exhausting experience of dating, but also just for everyone who is sick of the patriarchy, whatever their relationship status. A fun small hardback, Tinder Translator is the perfect gift for friends (or for yourself) – whether they’re dating or not. It will make you laugh, sigh, think, and leave you feeling empowered and resilient.

Tripping Over Myself

Shaun Micallef

From Shaun Micallef, beloved host of ABC TV’s news satire Mad as Hell, comes ‘Tripping Over Myself’ – an insightful and funny memoir about comedy and life that takes us through uncharted waters to unexpected places.

Comedy has been Shaun’s escape, his guiding light, his refuge, his passport, his lifebuoy, his drug, his mask, his means, his end, his lingua franca, his Self. But it’s not everything.