Book Club | September TBR

Another month, another TBR. Here’s what we are looking forward to reading this month.

The Dressmaker And The Hidden Soldier by Doug Gold

Based on the true story of a New Zealand soldier, Peter Blunden, Greek dressmaker, Thalia Christidou and Tasoula Paschilidou, a resistance heroine, the book is an epic love story under Hitler’s oppressive regime. 

Watch Us Dance by Leila Slimani 

Set in the 1960s, Watch Us Dance follows the lives of two biracial siblings, Aicha and Selim, with a Moroccan father and French mother, who find their youth ideals clashing with the reality of racism and corruption. 

Inspired by her family’s story, bestselling author of The Perfect Nanny and In The Country Of Others, Leila Slimani talks about her family and country and coming of age in the world of power and privilege. 

The Door-to-Door Bookstore by Carsten Henn

The book is about an unlikely friendship between an elderly door-to-door German bookseller, Carl Kollhoff, who loses his job and a nine-year-old girl who changes his life.

Weirdo by Sara Pascoe

The debut novel from the bestselling and award-winning comedian, writer and actor Sara Pascoe, Weirdo follows Sophie, an anxious hard worker with a tough life, until Chris reenters her life just when Sophie had finally stopped thinking about him. All she has to do is act normal and suppress her paranoia, pornographic visualisations and pathological lying, dump her boyfriend Ian and try to enjoy Christmas.

The Hidden Book by Kirsty Manning

In 1940s Europe, Spanish fighter and photographer Mateo Baca was imprisoned in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria and ordered to process images of the camp and inmates for a handful of photo books being made for presentation to top Nazi figures. With the help of a local, Lena Lang, Baca makes a secret sixth book discovered decades later by thirteen-year-old Hannah Campbell.