Plant-based Recipes For Sweet Treats

As the Head Pastry Chef at Harrods, Philip Khoury reimagines cakes, bakes and desserts using plant-based ingredients in his new cookbook. 

With over 80 recipes accessible to home cooks, A New Way to Bake transforms the traditional building blocks of baking by using natural, plant-based ingredients to make ‘clean’ desserts with nuanced flavours and textures.

Khoury discusses a brief baking history before setting out the ‘Plantry’, where the main ingredients and their functionalities are explained. 

The recipes are broken down into simple steps, full of delicious bakes, from Apple Pie and Banana Bread to Lamingtons and Tiramisù. The QR codes on each page link to videos allowing readers to bake with Khoury. 

Releasing on the 6th of September, A New Way to Bake is a comprehensive guide that provides tools to bake a better future.