Celebrating the Best of Clevedon

Hallertau Clevedon is putting on a celebration of everything Clevedon has to offer and you’re invited!

A Feast of Clevedon will take place on Friday, 27 October, at Hallertau’s Clevedon Beer Garden.

Chef Gareth Nurse has created a three-course menu showcasing locally sourced ingredients that highlight the best of Clevedon. 

The menu will include produce from Clevedon Coast Oysters, Happy Meat, Clevedon Strawberries, Clevedon Buffalo, The Wild Fermentary and Curious Croppers. 

To mark the occasion, Hallertau will offer up a special beer brewed in collaboration with Beachland’s Manaia Craft Brewers.

 Hayley Plowman, Hallertau co-owner, says Clevedon is a community hub of innovative growers and producers dedicated to cultivating fresh and premium ingredients.

 “Clevedon’s reputation as a source of quality ingredients continues to grow.  We are excited to host this dinner, the culinary result of a community’s collective passion for producing delicious food and beverages.

Tickets are available now from the Hallertau website.