the excalibur climbing wall in groningen. yellow and slightly curved, 37 metres high

The Excalibur climbing wall is petrifying. Towering monstrously at over 37 metres tall, and curved to create an artificial overhang, this wall is a massive drawcard for European thrillseekers.

It’s at the Bjoeks Climb Centre, in Groningen – the Netherlands. While it’s not the world’s tallest climbing wall – that title goes to the Basecamp Climbing Facility in Reno, Nevada – it’s possibly the most impressive.

The 50-ton structure stays in plays thanks to 36 beams buried nine metres into the ground – and a metre-thick slab of concrete. The 500-ton foundation stays in place even during hurricane force winds.

Named for the sword possessed by Celtic legend King Arthur, climbers wanting a challenge seek out Excalibur for conquering. With a climbing fee of only 11 euros, the majority of the cost will be from the gradual emptying of your adrenal glands.

Bjoeks Climb Center also has several indoor climbing walls, including one for novices. There’s also a large bouldering area, containing 117 boulders.

excalibur climbing wall in groningen, yellow and slightly curved. reaches upwards 37 metres