Cosmic Gift Guide | Gemini 2022

Geminis are usually a highly energised bunch. They are curious, love to try new things, and live by the YOLO rule. They can be pretty quirky and love to be on top of all trends. So, finding the perfect gift for them won’t be as simple as a mug imprinted with their initials.

Luckily we are here to help; scroll down to discover the most creative and fun gift inspo we have curated for the Geminis in your life.

Candy Floss

Candy Cutique

Does the Gemini in your life have a sweet tooth? And they’ve tried every kind of candy stocked in the supermarkets and the dairies? I bet the cotton candy from Candy Cutique will open up a whole new world for them! Candy Cutique has created a range of extraordinary cotton candy flavours that you’ve never seen before. From pavlova, black forest, and piña colada to peanut butter jelly, apple pie and so many more!

Duna Paper Vase

Octeavo from Superette

Forget the ordinary ceramic and glass vases; this eye-catching paper vase from Octaevo is sure to impress a stylish Gemini! The Mediterranean-inspired vase is made out of special waterproof paper, perfect on any tabletop.

Kombucha Kit

Mad millie from Shut the Front Door

Give your Gemini a hand and help them stay on top of their health game with this fun kombucha kit. Using Mad Millie’s live culture(SCOBY), turn sweetened tea into a delicious, fizzy beverage.

Once activated, your SCOBY can be reused to brew your own delicious booch time and time again. The 1 L brew is also the perfect starter culture for bigger fermenting vessels or crocks.

Moon Lamp

Firebox from Mighty Ape

It’s one small step for lamps, one giant leap for lamp-kind. With three different modes of illuminating action, it’s even more fun than the real moon.

You Are My Sunshine

The Wild Rose

The ultimate joy package of flowers, chocolates and bubbles. Spoil the Gemini in your life with this beautiful package from The Wild Rose!