Stuck for gift ideas? Here are our top picks perfect for the Pisces in your life!

Pisces – the star sign for those born between February 20th and March 20th, belonging to the Water element of the zodiac. This Water sign group are all about feelings: they love to love, have great imaginations and are very creative. Gift buying for the Pisces in your life is easy. From gifts that stir the imagination to ones that introduce hobbies and push their creative side, FENNEC has the right gift for the Piscean in your life.

Water babies are caring and empathetic, they are the ones listening to friends talk out their problems, so gifts that help them look after themselves, spark their imagination, and make them feel loved are a great place to start. Here’s our Pisces Gift Guide, every one a gift that the Piscean in your life will love.

HOUE Danish Furniture

Unique, affordable, luxury pieces by HOUE Danish Furniture are top of our list for our fellow Pisces. Introducing the Leaf Dining Table, an outdoor triangular beauty which is made from sustainable pre-oiled bamboo. Its unique shape is inviting, stylish and makes it possible to seat up to nine people around the table. Pair it with the Click chair which comes in a variety of colourways to make this piece your own!


Does your Pisces friend not have a bath? Miss the beautiful life of bath bombs? No need to go to a hotel, introducing Essentially Tamara SHOWER BOMBS. Yes, shower bombs. Simply unwrap and place it on the shower floor, the warm water activates essential oils and starts the shower burst. Each Shower Burst lasts 8-10 minutes.


Love a lazy Sunday morning? So do we! There’s just something different about vinyl, maybe it’s the way it old records were recorded, maybe it’s just nostalgia. The unique turntable has bluetooth connectivity, meaning no cords, no clutter, no worries. Connect your existing speakers and voila. It has minimal buttons, clear labelling, no confusion. Sony’s stylish wireless turntable suits any living space.  For all the tech-savvy readers: yes it supports phono and line outputs thanks to its built-in Phone EQ.

For just $399 from Sony, its got a quality build to it and is balanced for a stable sound. AND it has a thick, sturdy dust cover to resist resonance. Its tone arm is also a new design for clear playback.

MINI Maserati in Hot Pink

There is no age limit in the cosmos! This little pocket rocket is new to New Zealand and is a real life ‘Barbie’ car for your little Pisces. The eye-catching appearance is just one of the highlights. It also provides a fun and engaging driving experience for your little one. Crafted with attention to detail, it matches the full-scale version. You can even give it a test drive before you buy! After joining the Mini Car club you can also get your Mini Car serviced nation-wide.

Other features include:

  • Licensed by Maserati
  • Self-drive and remote control
  • Anti-whiplash start
  • Seatbelt
  • 12v battery and charger
  • 3-speed rear wheel drive plus reverse
  • MP3 Player
  • Speed approximately 3-7kph
  • Runs for approximately 1-1.5hrs non-stop 8-10kms
  • Horn and start-up sounds
  • LED headlights
  • Suspension
  • Opening doors

Order yours now, email or call 0508 MINICARS.