Cosmic Gift Guide | Sagittarius

Represented as a centaur with a bow and arrow, Sagittarians seek adventure and love a good challenge. They are optimistic, honest, and passionate but they are also restless and often act recklessly.

Sagittarians love to socialise and is usually surrounded by a lot of friends, they are sure to be the party fuse to light activities up!

For a star sign that loves to go on adventures and cannot stay put in one place for too long. We’ve got the perfect gift guide for the Sagittarius in your life!

Kira Leather Bucket Bag

Gift a Sagittarian a versatile piece that is both stylish and functional. Olivia’s Kira Leather Bucket Bag is made with calfskin leather, topped with gold-tone hardware, adjustable shoulder strap and complete with a magnetic closure. Perfect for everyday wear!

LQDCELL Method Pearl Training Shoes

For all those great adventures Sagittarian’s take, a good pair of training shoes is definitely a must-have. This high-tech Puma training shoe pairs LQDCELL technology with a ProFoam midsole for the lightest stride your Sagittarius will ever feel.

A pair of sunnies for a weekend adventure? Sunglass Hut has already picked out the perfect pair of sunnies for our beloved star sign! It’s totally on point for their active lifestyle.

Stone Hoodie & Joggers

The Stone hoodie and joggers from Fifth Seekers scream comfort with confidence. Everyone needs a pair of plush outerwear, especially a Sagittarius!

Bucket List Scratch Poster – 100 Things To Do

Last but not least, a bucket list scratch poster just in case they ever run out of things to do! It creates good memories and a sense of accomplishment. A fun challenge we can all get on board with!