Cult Classic Returns: The Origami King is back!

Coming to a Switch near you is the ultimate throwback – Paper Mario. King Olly has moved Peach’s Castle in his devious plot to fold the world. Join Mario, Olivia and their companions on a comedy-filled adventure as you attempt to stop the origami menace! Use Mario’s ability to wield mighty paper techniques and crinkle the Origami King’s plans. From underground sewers to raging rapids, ancient ruins and ninja-filled mansions – you’ll join Mario on the journey to untie the massive streamers binding Peach’s castle.

Paper Mario is classified as a unique style when it comes to the Mario series. The gameplay, including the characters, is based on a 2D concept, with the tradition paper style of origami. It surely enriches the gameplay of Mario’s paper abilities! The adventure sets in Princess Peach’s Castle where Mario discovers King Olly’s devious plot to turn the whole world into origami. Even Princess Peach is in paper form and along with her castle, transferred into the mountains far far away.

Join Mario and King Olly’s sister, Olivia, on an epic adventure to stop the origami menace! With new strategic ring-based battles, Paper Mario is not only entertaining but requires your brain juices. Get folded into the world against the Legion of Stationary, unlock mystery items and treasures, and once again, save the poor origami Princess Peach!

Launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch, you can pre-load the game now for its release on 17th July!