Dancing With A Tiger King Star

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to find out if Carole Baskin can dance.

The Tiger King star is officially part of the season 29 cast of Dancing With the Stars, which was revealed this week on Good Morning America. Basken will be joined by, among others, my favourite Backstreet Boys member: AJ McLean.

AJ Mclean

It’s definitely an eclectic cast. Big in the early 2000s rapper Nelly will be busting a move, along with Jesse Metcalfe (his name rang a bell but I only recognised him once his face popped up on my google search – he was the cute guy from Desperate Housewives, if anyone remembers that show).

Jesse Metcalfe

Another male member of the cast is Charles Oakley – a sports figure I only vaguely know because I have friends who watch the NBA.

Needless to say I really have no clue who the rest of the “celebrities” are, but that’s not important.

There will be only one big cat that I’ll be watching, let’s see if Basken has a beat.