Dimples is an incredibly popular childrenswear brand and retailer, all made locally in New Zealand. Dimples is also a family business based in Auckland where they are best known for their high-quality pieces with chic modern designs, extensive knowledge of functional apparel, accessories and any other baby needs. From cribs to bibs, they are industry experts.

Dimples’ Winter Collections showcased their favourite fabric which is beautiful New Zealand made Merino wool. Merino wool has many health benefits for babies and children. Their latest collection is Little Lamb – it is specifically designed for size Premature up to 3 years old in a soft pastel colour palette.

Dimples believe that  New Zealanders support New Zealand businesses due to the resilience and strong values that many New Zealand businesses show. New Zealand businesses like Dimples have a strong ethos to committing to delivering the best for our customers and ensuring a much higher quality over quantity.

You can order your Dimples packages now via their website.