When the whole world is in a sudden stand-still, it certainly does not mean our little ones are. Standing still for our little walkers is pretty much unheard of.

A slower lifestyle with our little babies growing before our eyes – this means, for a lot of mothers, it may be time to look into investing into quality shoes that grow with your child.

For almost 30 years Bobux has been making the world’s best shoes for little explorers, walking with them as they plant their feet upon the world.

Bobux makes hundreds of different shoes for every stage of growth that our little ones go through. As they learn to crawl, to walk, to run, to dance, to play and to explore, Bobux shoes are with them through every adventure.

Shoes designed for children’s feet need to be comfortable, functional and fun, designed from the sole up for kids to love the world over.

Bobux is now delivering their shoes (suitable for 0-8 years) during level 3. To order yours or to find out more information about the different shoes Bobux offers, click here.